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You will be certified based on experience and application, and then your lead generating online profile page will be built on BasketballTrainer.com.


You will find collegial support and also productive mastermind groups and accountability groups to help you both with strategy and execution.

CEO Level Knowledge

We give you systems and also knowledge to effectively work ON your business instead of IN your business. We help you scale using proven tactics and knowledge.

Content Creation with Purpose

Workshops, templates, courses and more...


We give, teach and share best techniques to grow sales.

Creating Your Business 2.0

You want to scale and accelerate your business and have it be more than your job. We teach you how to determine your priorities how to automate, outsource, hire the right people for the right system execution.

Money Back Guarantee

At BasketballTrainer.com, we're committed to helping you take your business to the next level with our incredible Business Accelerator program.  

That's why we have a 14-Day Power Up Guarantee! If after trying out the program for 14 days, you don't feel confident in our partnership kicking your business up a gear, just let us know and we'll refund 100% of your money. (This is for first time members, the second time around, you know the deal, no refunds) 

The bottom line is we believe in you, our systems and how we can grow together. Most people will give this a shot for a year and be please with their risk, but for those of you that are more risk adverse, we want you to feel good about taking the shot.   

We can guarantee you your money back, but what we can't guarantee is OPPORTUNITY RISK, the risk you take by not taking advantage of this opportunity to accelerate your profits, your impact, and the quality of your life.  

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