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BasketballTrainer.com helps basketball business owners accelerate their impact, profits, and quality of life.  

Learn from proven expert professionals in basketball digital marketing and systems.  

$499 $49 Per Month 

Learn & Execute The Systems And Marketing That

Grow YOUR Future

Are you a successful basketball trainer looking to accelerate your business to the next level? Make today the day that makes all the difference! BasketballTrainer.com Business Accelerator is here to help you skyrocket your revenues and reach new horizons of success. Our easy-to-navigate platform puts everything at your fingertips, from charting progress, tracking finances and expenses, planning upcoming project - everything you need to build a thriving basketball training business is just one click away! And for an exclusive limited time period we’re offering special values on yearly plans so don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Plus our top-notch customer service team will be there with instant support whenever needed so give us a try and take advantage of this fantastic offer today!

Email Marketing for Basketbal Trainers Businesses

Email Marketing Success for Basketball Businesses

by Brian Williams 

1/14/23 Release 

Learn how to grow your basketball business with email marketing Basketball coaches, trainers and other basketball professionals can now learn how to build their email lists and send emails that convert. Get more customers, make more sales and develop a profitable basketball business. Check out the Email Marketing Success for Basketball Businesses program coming on 

Recreational Basketball Businesses Marketing

Marketing to Recreational Basketball- The Blueprint for Profit

by Chris Corbett

1/4/23 Release 

Are You Ready to Score More Customers For Your Camps, Training Groups & Select Teams? If you're interested in marketing to a recreational basketball program, this is the guide for you. Learn how to tap into the lucrative world of recreational basketball and get more customers on your training court.  This is an opportunity to help the feeder systems excel and get paid while marketing. 

Inbound Marketing Course for Basketball Trainers

The Secrets of Inbound Marketing for Basketball Businesses and Trainers

by Chris Corbett

1/18/23 Release 

Get a proven system to attract basketball players and build your business using Inbound Marketing. Most trainers have struggled to attract new clients for years, until they discovered Inbound Marketing. Now they make more money than ever before! Revisit the fundamentals and then amp it up a notch in execution. Attend the Ultimate Guide to Inbound Marketing Workshop for Basketball Trainers.  

Bsketball Trainer Sales Script

The Simple Inbound Phone Script That Increased My Sales by 40%

by Chris Corbett

1/25/23 Release 

You have a lot of leads coming in, but you don’t know what to say when they call. You’re wasting leads and money! Use our simple and authentic sales script to increase the number of client sessions you get from your inbound leads.

Basketball Marketing Bandit Signs

Bandit Sign Template & Growth Experiment 

by Chris Corbett

2/1/23 Release 

You have a basketball training business and want to get more customers. You don’t know where to start between all the new and old school tactics and you don’t have the budget for a marketing agency. Use this offline  "bandit sign template" and service to create an eye-catching sign that will bring you new customers, plus one growth experiment that will test how effective the sign is at getting new customers.

Basketball Affiliate Marketing for Trainers

Get Started in Affiliate Marketing & Get Paid for Basketball Product Expertise

by Chris Corbett

2/15/23 Release

You want to get started in affiliate marketing, but you’re not sure where to start. You have a lot of knowledge about basketball and you’d like to share that knowledge with others who constantly ask your take, recommendation and guidance. Use this easy-to-follow guide on how to get started in affiliate marketing and make money at no added cost to your clients.  


Work on your business, not in your business.  

What You Will Achieve

Our certification application will allow you to separate yourself from the masses of people in our world teaching "basketball fundamentals" as a sideline business. You are a former college or professional player or a former Varsity Head Coach, College or Professional Coach.  Your business is already a success and is doing 50k in revenues or more annually. You have favorable reviews and testimonials. But you have ambition to accelerate your impact, your profits, and the quality of your life.


We can help you. We build you a profile page on BasketballTrainer.com to help you generate leads and also give you a platform and advice in becoming a thought leader worthy of a phone that rings with new customers.  From Finance to Branding to Marketing to Sales, we have you covered with best practices, webinars, workshops, cheat sheets, community, accountability and more! 

Finance and Business Modeling

We provide you with a proven financial dashboard and model to help your business grow by financial awareness and execution 

Inbound Marketing

Work toward having a steady waiting list of clients by keeping your phone and inbox ringing with qualified prospects who need your expertise. 

Content & Social Media Marketing 

We help you make the jump with a clear path to profit rather than activity.   


We teach you to love sales.  That moment when you connect with someone who wants and needs your help.

How does our progam work for you? 

We help qualified trainers with businesses already launched and doing 50k plus annual revenues accelerate their business profits and impact.  Here is an overview:  

  • Learn at your own pace

  • You will learn how to work on your business, not always in your business.  We recommend a commitment in this mindset of four hours per week. Course and webinars will be recorded with new offerings monthly.  We will recommend a priority order to insure you hit those layups before working on the step back three.  

  • Learn from the best

  • You constantly invest in others, coaching in their development on and off the court.  Teaching them how to be good teammates.  Now you have expert Coaches Chris Corbett and Brian Williams and a community of teammates who will align with you, bringing serious been there / done that experience and knowledge. We help you grow as you help young basketball players grow.  


  • Trainers and owners community

  • Imagine having a conversation with a trainer who you don't compete with geographically. Real talk. Sharing their wins.  Sharing their resources. Expanding on the problems they face. Imagine being in a mastermind group with them. Imagine having focus and accountability groups. Imagine feeling a team supporting your efforts.


  • Content available 24/7

  • Basketball trainers and business owners often prioritize everyone else's goals ahead of their own. They are servant leaders. We will teach you to nourish and grow your business so you can profit financially and emotionally. Most events and programs can be done on your timeline and all educational workshops will be recorded.  


    • You have the experience to stand out.  You have experience in one or more of the following roles:  

      • -College or Pro Basketball Player
      • -HS Varsity Head Coach
      • -College or Pro Assistant or Head Coach 
    • Your Business has achieved the following levels: 

      -Successful traction as judged by revenues of at least 50k plus annually. (This is not for the startup basketball trainer) 

      -Solid reviews online

      -You are a servant leader devoted to helping kids

    • You believe in developing business and have a growth mindset. You get business via word of mouth, but want to accelerate that by breaking into new networks via success in multiple channels.  You believe in digital marketing and the internet.  

    • You know that as players invest in you for training and community, so should you invest in yourself and the success of your business and family.  

    • You are ready to have a healthy relationship with money.  You don't feel guilty making income increases in your basketball business.  


    • Basketball Trainers just starting out. We love you and wish you success and may help you out at some point with more of an incubator to help you reach this level but our focus is on accelerating proven businesses at this point.  

    • Someone who is just dabbling in digital marketing and doesn't see the value of investing as a way to grow their knowledge, skills, and sales.

    • Someone who believes they will instantly have a 6 or 7 figure business simply because they enrolled. Like your basketball clients... there is a path to accelerated success. It is hard work. Investment of time and money. Intentional work with the ability to change. Coachability.  And a commitment to believing in your worthiness to grow and succeed.  

    Your Questions Answered

    Can't I learn all this in podcasts, Youtube, and the internet, possibly for free?  

    Can't I learn all this in podcasts, Youtube, and the internet, possibly for free? 

    With the rise of technology and online learning, many people are wondering if they can use the internet to learn business skills without paying for a professional course. Is it possible to reap the same benefits from podcasts, Youtube videos and other online resources?

    The answer is yes and no. While there is an abundance of quality content available for free online, it is highly unlikely that anyone can gain in-depth knowledge about running a basketball business from these sources alone.

    A professional Basketball Business Accelerator program provides you with experienced mentors and instructors who can guide you through every step of your journey, provide valuable advice and offer feedback in the online groups. Additionally, this type of program offers industry specific networking opportunities which would otherwise not be accessible through free channels like podcasts or Youtube videos.

    Lastly, sorting thru the garbage to get to the gold takes a lot of time.  And the process can lead to paralysis by analysis as we keep "learning: but never do.  

    Ultimately, having a clear roadmap could make all the difference between success or failure in achieving your goals as an entrepreneur in the world of basketball. 

    What if I don’t get any results?

    The world of basketball business can be daunting and overwhelming. You may have thought you had it all figured out—you’d join the Basketball Business Accelerator, and suddenly become a successful entrepreneur. But what if nothing goes according to plan? What if you don’t get any results from your hard work?

    It can be difficult to understand why your hard work isn’t paying off. The truth is that success takes time—it rarely happens overnight. If you’re not seeing the results you want after joining the accelerator, there are a few things you should consider doing in order to get back on track. These include analyzing what isn't working and making necessary changes, staying focused on your goals, and getting feedback from mentors or other entrepreneurs who have gone through similar experiences.

    Think of your own business. Everyone wants to be a shooter, but few want to invest the time, money, and intentionality required to become special shooters.   Self esteem, doubt in proven processes, commitment to winning habits rather than looking for a magic wand.... these obstacles are real and what developing young players face.   Sure they get some quick wins, but if being a shooter was easy, everyone would be one.   The same goes for the processes and work needed to level up your business.   You deserve this commitment from yourself.  Let's get to work! 

    How much time will I need to invest to succeed?

    I am going to sound like a parent right now: "How successful do you want your business to be?"

    For those looking to get the most out of their basketball business, the answer is clear: invest time. With a Basketball Business Accelerator, entrepreneurs can make sure that they are dedicating enough hours each day to reach their goals. This program provides resources and support to help individuals work smarter and faster so that they can see results faster.

    Through this program, entrepreneurs will have access to activities such as webinars, workshops, community, group coaching calls and execution strategies. All of these activities provide invaluable insight into how to run an effective basketball business in today’s competitive market. Additionally, the program will also offer members a comprehensive library of educational content and resources for further exploration so that they can stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practice.

    We recommend you spend a bare minimum of 4 hours per week on our curriculum. If you don't you really aren't ready to work on your business growth.  

    The more motivated will work 20 hours a week or more per week ON their business rather than in their business. Needless to say, they will accelerate at an exponential rate.  We believe in you.  You need to believe in your business.  

    What return on investment should I expect?

    What return on investment should I expect?

    Successful basketball entrepreneurs like you know that taking the plunge into owning their own business was intimidating, and they achieved the success most thought they wouldn't. But high achievers want more.

    With the right resources and guidance, the intrinsically motivated can succeed in leveling up again in this competitive industry. The Basketball Business Accelerator program is an online program and community designed to help aspiring basketball entrepreneurs learn the basics of running a successful business. Through this program, you will gain insight into how to create a successful business system and receive advice on how to maximize your return on investment (ROI) of time, money, and emotion.

    So what kind of ROI can you expect from investing in this accelerator program?

    Ready for some candid talk rather than a sales pitch? We aren't sure. Read that again because that is the straight talk you can expect in our long term relationship.

    We suspect we can grow this program to a place where you can get 4:1 Return on Investment or more. Which would make it an outstanding investment. We would seriously hope that you could add 24k plus to your bottom line. Maybe 10:1 ROI. But we take the investment in our long term relationship very seriously. If you can invest the time and the Founder Member price of $49 per month (rather than the value we project it to at $499 per month) then we will honor that price for one amazing year until we can figure out projected ROI. Sure we want you to be excited about a $499 per month price tag one day. Because you know the more $ at the front end investment yields more $ at the back end.

    Do you have any guarantees?  How to know if this isn’t a scam?

    At BasketballTrainer.com, we're committed to helping you take your business to the next level with our incredible Business Accelerator program. That's why we have a 14-Day Power Up Guarantee! If after trying out the program for 14 days, you don't feel confident in our partnership kicking your business up a gear, just let us know and we'll refund 100% of your money. (This is for first time members, the second time around, you know the deal, no refunds)

    The bottom line is we believe in you, our systems and how we can grow together. Most people will give this a shot for a year and be please with their risk, but for those of you that are more risk adverse, we want you to feel good about taking the shot.  

    We can guarantee you your money back, but what we can't guarantee is OPPORTUNITY RISK, the risk you take by not taking advantage of this opportunity to accelerate your profits, your impact, and the quality of your life.  

    How can we grow together in the future? 

    The Basketball Business Accelerator offers a unique, comprehensive program to help business professionals in the basketball industry grow and succeed. The program is designed to develop skills and cultivate relationships that will create a path to success for all involved. With a mission to foster innovation, collaboration, and education in the basketball world, the Basketball Business Accelerator is paving the way for an exciting future of growth opportunities.

    By leveraging the knowledge of experienced professionals combined with an innovative approach to teaching, participants can gain insight into successful strategies for achieving their career goals. With practical lessons on how businesses can operate more efficiently and effectively in this rapidly changing environment, as well as real-world case studies on what works best in different scenarios, this accelerator provides invaluable resources for growing together in the future.

    As our community grows you grow. As our website grows in visits, so will your profile visits. And as our templates and growth systems grow, so will your profits.

    You are committed to the development and support of your clients. We are committed to your growth. Let's go to work! 

    Most popular courses

    Get started with the favorite courses of our students.

    Local Google SEO For Basketball Trainers

    Local Google Ranking and Your Basketball Business: Go from Zero to Hero

    by Chris Corbett

    2/22/23 Release 

    You are a basketball trainer or basketball business owner and you want to rank your website on Google for the right keywords to get more clients. While you want to rank your website on Google fast, you don’t know how to make that magic happen  Use this workshop  to learn how to rank your site on Google and get more clients!

    Instragram Marketing for Basketball Businesses

    Instagram Memes - 31 Templates Released Monthly For Your Use

    by Chris Corbett

    You want to post on Instagram but you don’t have the time to write new captions for posts every day. You want your Instagram posts to be more professional and well-crafted and while you know you need some content to be stories and reels, you also need the basics done well Solution: Use our made for you posts  to create high quality posts in just a few minutes by adding your logo in Canva (tutorial provided!)

    Build Your Basketball Course Online

    Build Your Own Basketball Online Course

    by Chris Corbett &

    Brian Williams

    3/1/233 Release

    You want to create a successful online course, but don’t know how to get started. You could hire a coach, learn deluxe software, hire a production crew but that would be expensive. And you’re not sure what kind of course you should create. Solution: Build Your Own Basketball Online Course is the perfect solution for you! With our course builder platform, you can create your own basketball coaching or training course in just a few clicks using your phone.   


    What we can do for you

    Here are a few of the most popular requests from our clients:

    Professional Credibility and Certification 

    Basketball Trainers meeting our requirements of experience will fill out an online application and be approved to be in our first round of Certified Basketball Trainers. Letting the public know your experience matters. This certification is unlike other certifications in that we are not pushing you under our brand umbrella.  Release Date: 1/3/2023

    Community You Can Trust 

    Communication with basketball trainers in your area can be guarded and also less than helpful sometimes. You deserve to have trainers you can count on to be more sharing and helpful on your growth path. We have a closed FB group, an accountability group, and also a mastermind group to help you expand your circle of trust. Together, we can grow faster. Release Date: 12/5/2022

    Quick Wins

    Doubling or tripling your business while increasing your quality of life is tough. You need to execute and can with our help. Along the way you need to fight for those !% incremental steps, but also get some quick wins. Not magic wands, but essentially learn to pick the low hanging fruit for impact and profit. Each month, we share ideas and execution plans for quick wins.  Release Date:  Monthly

    Basketball Specific Expert Business Guidance

    Your BasketballTrainer.com team has specific expertise in basketball training, coaching, select team ownership, camps, and also in digital marketing at a high level. Their collective projects have secured million and millions of web visitors, profits and positive impact on the game. They have finance, sales, marketing and business development experience in corporate America as well.  Release Date:  Immediate and ongoing.  

    Digital Marketing Roadmap 

    There are so many options to pursue learning and executing in Digital Marketing.  Frankly we can all be overwhelmed by the options and paralyzed not knowing the steps we need to take each month to secure our future growth.  We build a roadmap and help you take action that you can sleep at night knowing you are working on your business in a positive way that will provide both quick wins and also long term building. Release Date: 1/11/2023

    Cheat Sheets, Summaries & Growth Hacks

    You are struggling to comprehend and implement all the new marketing techniques you keep hearing about thru mediums you can't make time to curate. Blogs, podcasts, books, courses, webinars... at some point it becomes overwhelm.   You want to be able to use these techniques yourself, but they seem too complicated. Solution: Use our cheat sheets, summaries and growth hacks to learn everything you need to know about the latest marketing tools and trends! Release Date: Monthly

    Lead Generation To Build

    Your Future 

    You’re struggling to get your business noticed and grow your leads. Your website isn’t ranking on the first page of Google for any keywords related to your business. We got you.  Get listed in our premium directory and get more leads through our integrated lead generation system!  We are currently ranked #1 for terms "basketball trainer" and "basketball training."   

    Exponential Power 

    Being an entrepreneur can be somewhat lonely as you launch You’re spending hundreds of dollars a month on different marketing channels, but you’re not seeing any results.  Join the Accelerator group marketing efforts and our combined effort and support can provide both emotional support and accelerated traction , and you will get access to an elite group of marketers who will help you grow your business exponentially!

    Off The Court Passive Income Opportunities 

    We all hear about passive income riches and financial independence.   16% of all E-commerce sales in the USA and Canada were affiliate driven.   We share our playback and breakdown the opportunties and realistic goals you can set to slowly build an income stream while you sleep.  Amazon affiliate program, training apps, course creation and sharing other courses all can help increase passive income using  your existing website, blog and social channels.  

    Email Integrations

    We offer onboarding templates, and will hold an email marketing workshop with our basketball email marketing expert Brian Williams sharing his success with you.  

    Content Marketing Roadmap & Mini-Workbook  

    Every quarter we offer you a lead magnet you can use for your marketing and use your logo to grow your brand and email list.  

    Website Audit 

    We teach you how to audit your website and offer best practices as we actually work on our own sites! This will be a real time workshop and will also be recorded for those who cannot make it.   

    Testimonial & Review Generation and Placement

    You want to get more testimonials, but don’t know how. You want to make sure that the testimonials you do get are placed in the best possible spot on your website, google, FB, and Yelp. Attend our workshop , and we will show you how to get more testimonials, and where to put them so that they have the most impact!

    SEO 101 Webinar 

    We all know that ranking high in Google search results increases our flow of new clients and profits. Some of us have profited from it, others have not. How can we improve our rankings and the breadth of how many profitable keywords we can rank for? We start from ground one... specific to basketball trainers and basketball businesses. What is SEO? What are the benefits of SEO? The basics of SEO: how to get started Tips and tricks for advanced SEO after you have laid the foundations.  

    Basketball Course Creation 

    Every week you have intrinsically motivated clients ask for things skills homework, vertical training programs, solo shooting drills , ways to get functionally stronger for hoops and many more.  You run camps where you could impact kids long after the camp ends. You have a social media presence, but no monetization strategy.  Course creation is not a get rich quick scheme but the numbers don't lie: Global E-Learning Market to Reach $457. 8 Billion by 2026 . Impact players and increase your income at the same time! We show you how! 

    Best Practices, Best Business Products and Templates

    With its easy-to-use program, you can access premium content tailored specifically for businesses in the basketball sector. It provides a complete suite of resources such as guides, tools and worksheets that will help you get started on the right foot and reach your goals quickly. Robust Financial Dashboards, Content Planning Calendars, Social Media Content Planning Calendar, Dump-Delgate-Delay- Do Spreadsheet, Video Production: 20 Videos Every Trainer Can Profit From, How To Align the Hero's Journey to your Business Development and more! 

    Financial Models and Dashboard

    Financial models and dashboards are essential tools for any basketball business looking to maximize its success. Using these tools, businesses can quickly and accurately analyze their performance and understand how to improve operations. A financial model is a mathematical representation of a company’s overall finances, while a dashboard provides an easy-to-understand visual summary of the company’s financial data. Together they provide invaluable insights into the performance of the business, enabling better decision making and more efficient management.

    Promotional Swag Success

    Promotional Marketing Success systems using sportswear, uniforms, camp t-shirts, awards and promotional items is often a major headache for trainers.  secondary focus of Basketball Business Accelerator.

    Imagine we set you up with your own drop ship store linked from your website with proven products and brands you can be proud of.  Your best players will advertise your brand on their Hydroflask and Yeti water bottles, on their backpack, and on their T-shirts and hoodies. We help you setup your own drop ship store, get you USA based service and share our best swag secrets. And we do it all as part of your membership. 

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